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3Stooges codes and games
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Wazzup!!! Welcome to the number one site for NINTENDO 64 codes.

This site is currently under construction. Please keep checking us out.

You say,"why visit your site instead of someone elses", we say,"where else can you get the best codes for the best NINTENDO 64 games and experiment with games that we supply here on the site for you."

Here at 3stooges we try to supply you with the best quality codes because we want your business and satisfaction! In order to do this we will try to be up-to-date with all the new codes that come out for each new game. Also on this site you can play games that we have found and enjoy playing ourselves. To make sure that you are getting full satisfaction from our site we have a spot at the bottom of this page for you to comment on it.
We hope that you will find the codes that you're searching for and enjoy playing the games we have supplied for you on this site. So, search, play, find, and have fun!

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Customer Satisfaction

I received good codes from the 3stooges and i woould recommend visiting their site for N64 codes to anybody!

Josh Zook
Birdsboro, PA

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